Friendship is a phenomenon that is celebrated and appreciated all around the world. It is personal to a lot of people and has been a source of inspiration and a lot of other things. It is commonly said that everyone needs a friend at a point in their life. People who have a career or dream that they are passionate about would always need a person that they trust around to motivate and believe in them.

In an interview with Lacoste sponsored by the Persianas Retail, the famous award-winning Nigerian singer and rapper, Olanrewaju Ogunmefun, popularly known as Vector spoke extensively about what friendship means to him and how important his friends have affected his personal life and career extensively.


The number one friend on his lips is Wale, who, though being a chef, has remained his biggest fan and a strong believer of his music. This friend has even gone ahead to tattoo the first part of his stage name (VEC) on his arm. This is one of the selfless and coolest things he could have gotten from anyone. If it is believed that even the smallest of actions touch the heart, then how much more an action as grand as this. Imagine if you had a friend who did this for you, how deep would you define your friendship with that person? Or how close would your friendship with someone be before you can go ahead to tattoo his/her name on your body? No matter how you decide to define or quantify it, the general conclusion is such an act is not one undertaken without a great connection.

Olanrewaju Ogunmefun AKA Vector

  Just like Vector, everyone needs that one friend that we believe would always go the extra mile for us and at times we have to be that for others too. Being a friend is not just in the saying, but it is always weighed by the actions. Having someone who believes so much in you and your dreams or work helps you to keep at it even when you are ready to give up.   As we celebrate the world’s friendship day, remember to love and really be there for someone.  

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