Exercising and keeping in shape is very important, so is wearing the right kicks for working out. The right kicks will make your routine easier and give you the right result.

Picking the best gym shoe is no easy task. After all, the “right” shoe should be supportive, dependable, and durable, and it should most certainly be comfortable.

Before picking the right training, shoes there are a few things you must consider, they include.

The fit – Choosing the right size is very important, so when buying gym shoes be careful not to pick one that’s too tight or too big. Ensure you choose the perfect size. Also consider what you are using it for, you do not want to use a pair of kicks that is meant for running for lifting weight you might not get the best result.

Good gym shoes should be firm but flexible, offering support but allowing your foot to function. They should likewise allow you to maintain a proper stance or gait.

Here is a list of Puma shoes that are best for exercising.


PUMA Liberate Nitro 

The PUMA Liberate Nitro is the lightweight performance trainer in PUMA’s resurgence in the run specialty scene. The Liberate is a flexible and “natural” feeling shoe with some ground feel that still gives you some protection in the heel with the bouncy supercritical NITRO foam. If you’re looking for a lightweight trainer that can handle both moderate distances and workouts on the regular them this trainer is the best for you. Its also Unisex, can be worn by both men and women.


PUMA x FIRST MILE LQDCELL Hydra Camo Men’s Training Shoes

We appreciate the irony of calling a shoe “camo” when it’s clearly not going to blend in anywhere. With the exaggerated tongue shape and height giving these shoes a modern and dynamic look, these shoes are as good-looking as they are practical. Thanks to the Liquid CELL technology inside, they are engineered for stable cushioning to get you through the toughest of workouts or training sessions. What we also love about this shoe is the fact that it’s a multi-purpose shoe, you can wear to the gym and also wear to a nice hang out with friends. Its very fashionable and timeless.


HYBRID Fuego evoKNIT Men’s Running Shoes

The HYRBID midsole is a mix of two of PUMA’s most innovative midsole foams: IGNITE and NRGY. The cushioning system of the Puma Hybrid Fuego is praised for providing a well-supported ride. The contrasting colors that comprise the mere highlights of the façade are appealing to the eyes also the mix of printed and stitched-on overlays delivers a secure wrap. The foam midsole offers superior cushion from heel to toe so you can power through your run. Its lightweight, breathable, form-fitting comfort and the ultimate ergonomic fit.


PUMA LQDCELL Hydra Training Shoes

The tooling features full-length LQDCELL technology of this shoe offers stable cushioning. Apart from being very comfortable it also has a dynamic color. The outsole features premium rubber coverage perfect for those quick, dynamic training movements, as well as an aggressive lateral wrap up for lateral stability. TPU heel clip adds heel stability while TPU-mesh overlays on both the midfoot and vamp ensure you stay locked down to the platform. Very good for exercising and it’s also very fashionable. Can be worn for a casual outing.


PUMA Spirit III TT Men’s Football Boots

In case you are wondering why we added this boot to this article, well it’s because playing football is also a form exercising. Some people prefer doing this than going to the gym. Soccer can be a great workout and lots of fun. The health benefits include that it: increases aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health. lowers body fat and improves muscle tone. The Spirit III is a classic, everyday-ready boot, it blends performance and value. It features a low profile, multi-studded outsole to support play on hard natural surfaces and synthetic grass, and in cool color combinations, with funky faded graphics and a sleek silhouette, you’ll feel agile on the pitch all while looking your best.

Puma has a lot of great shoes for all types of work out be it indoor or outdoor but these are our top 5 recommendation. You can get these kicks via our website. We’re offering 80% discount on these kicks.

How To Fit Exercising Into Your Busy Schedule

It’s not easy to make out time for exercising when you are extremely busy, and twenty-four hours doesn’t feel like enough time to get things done. But the truth is no matter how busy we are, we always find a way to make out time for things that are important to us.

Here are a few tips on how to make out time for exercising no matter how busy you are.

  • Change your mind set about working out.

    You need to change your mind set about exercising, stop seeing it as punishment, but something you enjoy doing. Also understand that exercising is not simply good for your physical well being but also for your mental health. That moment when work, the kids and family get too demanding is when you need to intensify your work out. Basically, start seeing exercising as a form of self-care.


  •  Choose a comfortable workout routine.

    Not all exercise is meant for you. You do not have to lift weight or start doing all those very difficult exercise routines meant for pros. The first thing you need to do is research, understand your body and why you are working out. Are you working out to lose weight or just keep fit? After deciding why, then go on to research what kind of exercise routine would help you achieve your goal.


  •  Choose a comfortable work out spot.

    One thing Corona did for us was to show us that we can do almost anything at home. Sometimes going to the gym can be very stressful and very discouraging, so the best thing to do is work out at home. Pick a nice spot at home and use for exercising, you could also download workout apps, they are very helpful.


  • Set a realistic schedule.

    When planning your workout schedule be realistic, you do not have to exercise for hours, just a few minutes is okay, you also do not have to do it every day, three days a week is fine. You could work out in the morning or evenings after work. Whatever suits you.


  • Wear the right fitness clothes.

    Not all clothes should be used for working out even if you are exercising at home. You want to be comfortable and avoid mishaps when working out. Puma has one the best training clothes good for all workout routine be it Squat, weightlifting or Yoga. If running is your thing Puma has the best training shoes they are comfortable and built for speed.

    Exercising not only keeps you in shape, but it also helps build your confidence and self-esteem. Let us know in the comment section if these tips were helpful and follow us on our Socials @thmixxng.

Official Launch Of The Lagos Weekender × Puma SS21 Collection

The inspiration for the “Lagos Weekender collection” came from a collaboration between Puma Nigeria and Davido, which included kitting Davido’s team in specially selected jerseys and Puma gear for Davido’s Lala music video. The just released video, directed by Dalia Dias, and featuring C-Kay, has been making a lot of waves since its release.

The Puma Nigeria team pulled outfits from the SS21 collection and decided to call it “The Lagos Weekender collection“. This collection was inspired by Davido and his team; the idea behind the collection is to shed more light on Davido’s love for people and to encourage team spirit. The Weekender collection portrays the typical Lagos weekend lifestyle. What do you wear on weekends? How do you dress to the gym, to play football with friends or even to watch football matches on the weekend at the bar?

The Launch was a four-day event, which started on Monday 3rd May 2021 with Davido hosting a Meet and Greet for his fans at the Puma Lekki Store, where he signed Jerseys and gave out to fans. After the signing, Davido went ahead and bought Pairs of Puma shoes for all members of his team.

On Thursday 6th May 2021, there was a private party at the Puma Lekki store to officially Launch the “Lagos Weekender × Pumass21 collection”. A long line of guests was in attendance including loyal customers, influencers as well as high profile new customers who bought most of the collection, while they ate, drank and networked.

The event wouldn’t have been possible without the contribution of key sponsors; Bounce Radio Live kept guests serenaded with good music, Eros and Gourmet went all out with their food menu, they had a variety of delicious meals on display, Bombay Sapphire stirred creativity with guests coming for more cocktails and painting a custom art piece that will be printed on one signature jersey for giveaway. Red bull came through with enough energy to go round. The event was an overall success.

You can get outfits from this collection at any of our Puma Stores at Lekki, Ikeja, Ibadan, Enugu and Abuja or order via our website www.thmixx.com