The GTBank fashion weekend is one of the largest fashion events of the year. People travel from all over the country to Lagos to experience this one of a kind event. It is essentially a consumer based and capacity building event and exhibition that allows brands and shops to display their products and services from dresses and footwear to all sort of beauty products.


Inglot, as always, never gets left behind in experiences as grand and aspiring as this. For Inglot, this is an event that allows us to showcase our many products, and also give people the opportunity to see how they are used. Our stand is always filled with the latest make-up and cosmetic products for sale. From the cream and HD foundation and powder of various shades to eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks of all colors and not leaving out the unique Jennifer Lopez Inglot collections, this exhibition allows customers to shop at lesser prices. It is not just a time to shop, it is also time to get giveaways and other gifts. Your gift could be any of our products or you get yourself a free makeup and/or beauty consultation session. The event is never complete without our talented brand’s representatives ready to give out free makeover sessions to volunteers. The makeovers are always extra with various unique artistic designs and display. The displays at the stand are beautiful and innovative, from the unusual white eyelashes to colorfully painted faces. This is more than just your usual makeup, you get to see the art of beauty creation and redefinition.          With Inglot, every fashion show is a time to look forward to.

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