In a world that offers a long line of cosmetics products for women of different colors, it is sometimes difficult to get just that perfect shade or glow that you want. This is why the global beauty brand, Inglot, went into partnership with the beautiful inspiration, Jennifer Lopez, to build a new makeup product line for women to express their beauty the way they want to.

With the intention to give every woman of color the chance to build her own beauty trend, this makeup collection is filled with every makeup item you could need, from mascara, lipstick, eyeshadow, and even bronzers to powders. These products come in various colors and shades to ensure that everyone gets the best for their skin. It is time to finally be confident in your own skin. The most exciting of this package is the freedom system palette that allows you to create your own personalized beauty collection. This collection allows you to achieve your preferred blend at all time, without having to use numerous sets of products.   Jennifer is a star known for her outstanding work in the entertainment industry and her other jobs. She is not just loved as a star; she is also recognized as being a strong woman who has been contributing to help working women build their beauty and confidence. To portray the vision this new collection is built around, the Jennifer Lopez Inglot opening campaign in Nigeria made use of two award-winning women in the country who are known spectacularly for their ever-impactful works and their never-ending glow while working.  

Idia Aisien

Idia Aisien is an actress, television presenter, and model amongst other things she does. She is the perfect definition of what the JLo collection helps to portray kinswomen- smart, strong, and beautiful.

Soliat Bada

Soliat Bada is an international professional dancer who is known to give 200% at every of her performance. She is also the founder and head chef at Nula’s kitchen which is her proposed medium of putting the Nigerian food on the global map. Despite being so busy, she never stops looking beautiful at all appearances. Inglot brings you the opportunity for you to be the superwoman you love to be at work without having to lose your glow over it. With the JLo makeup set, you can be sure to get just that.

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