We are excited to share with you the maiden issue of Thmixx magazine. For our first issue, we had a tête-à-tête with the award-winning singer and songwriter SeyiShay. The ever so full of life and beautiful singer took her time to talk to us about her music and career, makeup, fashion, lifestyle, and so much more.

J: We are a huge fan of your songs.  S: *squeals* Thank you!  J: *laughs*  You recently released the (Sings) “gimme love o, baby give me make I calm down…”  with Runtown S: …and I’m not calm…that’s the problem.  J: Haha I am sure you’re calm… So what inspired the song and why Runtown? Why did you feature him?  S: I was in Atlanta late last year and normally when I’m out of the country, I get different inspirations, I got a new type of inspiration and I wanted to make something that was internationally viable.  Yeah, pure African and Nigerian sounding.  So I invited Sarz on the Beat to come and join me. He and I spent a few days in the studio and the vibe that he was making sounded chilled.  So I just started freestyling, urm, whatever was on my mind and my heart at the time, and that’s what came out!  J: So basically it comes to you naturally. S: *singing* “gimme love o, baby give me make I calm down”. Easy! Very easy, very chilled like me. And ah…*laughs*…  And then Runtown jumping on the track was basically my manager’s idea and I liked the idea so…it turned out really good. So, yeah. J: The visuals for the video was absolutely stunning. Your dance moves showed off your flexibility.  S: Thank you!  J: So was that all you or did you get an instructor…?  S: I’m a fitness junkie. I’m in the gym every day. If I’m not boxing, I’m doing yoga, I’m doing circuit training, I do it for mental, physical, emotional maintenance, you know. And because it works, especially with my lifestyle and my work. I get to do something to release and vent.  J: You just seem so flexible…  S: I think it’s just the years of gyming.  J: Okay great! Let’s talk makeup. What are your make up colors? What shades are you into at the moment?  S: I’m into blue right now.  I’m really into blue, orange, and red on my lips especially.  J: So it’s blue, orange, red?  S: For makeup, yeahh. I used to be into green a lot because I think green suits dark skin. but right now blue, orange, and red would do it for me. J: Nice. We are going to play a game themed “Top threes”   S: Okay cool. J: Tell us your top 3 cities in Nigeria? Without hesitation.  S: Abuja, Lagos, Ibadan.  J: Top 3 favourite male artistes in Nigeria in no particular order? S: Runtown *takes a pause* Nigerians, right?  J: Mmm-hmmm.  S: Urm, Burna Boy. *takes another pause* Top 3 right now, right?  J: Yes S:Runtown, Burna Boy and Kiss Daniel. J: Okay. Favorite songs, top 3? At the moment. S: Yolo Yolo, Right Now, Gimme Love J: What are the 3 makeup items we’d always find in your bag?  S: Lip tint, mascara, and concealer. That’s what you would always find in my bag.  J: Okay. I am going to name two things and you’d have to pick one, ready? S: Yea J Red or Nude Lipstick S: Red Lipstick J: Shaku shaku or zanku?  S: Shaku shaku.  J: Smokey eyes or colourful eyes?  S: Colourful eyes now, this season. Before it used to be smokey but I’m tired of smokey eyes.  That’s what’s in right now and I like it.  J: Smokey eyes or colourful eyes?  S: Colourful eyes now, this season. Before it used to be smokey but I’m tired of smokey eyes.  That’s what’s in right now and I like it.  J: Are you team stay-at-home-and-chill or team owambe?  S: Team stay-at-home-and-chill.  J: Jollof rice or fried rice?  S: Jollof rice.  J: Lip gloss or lipstick?  S: Lip gloss.  J: Okay! Let’s wrap this up with your favorite quotes.  S: Yeah.  J: What are your favorite quote? S: My favorite quotes. Hmmm, they’re more like proverbs really. Like one is “Patience is a virtue”.  J: Okay…?  S: Urm, “Slay in your lane”.  J: Ghen, ghen! *laughs*  S: Hahahahahaha. And “Wake up beauty, it’s time to beast!”  J:  What drives you?  S: Urm, I think, the desire to be able to provide for my family and friends. J: Thank you very much for your time, Seyi Shay.  S: You’re welcome. Gimme love by Seyi shay is available on all music platforms to download. Timini’s interview with Thmixx  


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