We are excited to share with you the second edition of Thmixx Magazine. In this issue, we got up close and somewhat personal with one of Nigeria’s most eligible bachelor on life as an actor, an entrepreneur, and a style Icon.

We also have some cool sneaker edits for the “fashion-forward fellas” and review trendy bags with variable functionalities to cater to specific needs.

Photography: Olanrewaju Ayorinde(@lanreay) Cover Personality: Timini Egbuson 1: Puma Tsugi Jun Sneakers- ₦17,250 2: Storm OriginPuma Black High Rise- ₦39, 350 3: Puma RS-X HardriveWhite Peacoat-₦50,100 4: Puma Hybrid Runner Unrest-₦67,200 5: Puma Mantra Fusefit Unrest Sneakers-₦58,500 6: Les Benjamins 7: Puma Ignite EvoKnights:₦75,800 Actor, Model, and Influencer. Timini is arguably one of the most stylish celebrities in Nigeria. We hung out with the star on a bright Sunday evening for drinks, banter, and to talk about his acting career so far, as well as other interests. He won us over with his charming smile, warm personality, and incredible wit. Timini surely lives up to his sweet heartthrob personality his online platform portrays. Lacoste Classic Polo : ₦51, 150 Lacoste Swim Shorts: ₦43,700 J: Hi Timini, it’s so nice to meet you T: Nice to meet you too J:  Let’s get to it!  What drives you? T: The fear of failure and the fear of just being a statistic. At the end of the day, it’s easy to just come and go or not make a difference or an impact. I am not really about that, I don’t just want to come and leave like that. J: How has acting life been? T: I am not even going to lie, it’s been amazing, l feel like there’s been a lot of amazing drifts on my career and some steps that I’ve taken. J: That’s evident. T: Yea, so  “the Nollywood is tough” narrative that a lot of people have, I haven’t really been able to experience that, maybe it’s because I wasn’t complaining in the years that I was actually getting better and you know working on my craft. I have been acting for 10 years or 11 years. J: That’s a long time T: Yea *laughs* people don’t even know that, they would only start counting from when you “blow” J: * laughs*  How was it when you started acting? T: It was tough, trust me. Auditions! Hearing “No” back and forth wasn’t really a great feeling. What I used to tell myself was that it’s all about getting ready for the big day. For every audition, every character that I play, every movie I got featured in, even if it is just a one-line role… J: The “waka pass” part * Laughs* T: Yes ooo!!! I don do am tire *laughs* but all those things built me up to this time now J: Okay. If you weren’t acting, what would you be doing? T: I would probably be like *errrrr* a content creator, or some sort of producer. I would be producing films, documentaries, and maybe tv commercials. J: Would you call yourself a method actor?   T: Errrmm, to be fair, I feel like anyone that is calling himself a method actor in Nigeria is just joking *laughs*, they probably don’t understand what it really means because it takes a lot of months to get into character. J: How long would you say? T:  3 months…for you to actually really do method acting, you need at least 3 months. My own style of acting is basically just letting go, I try to make sure I get my lines and I also understand what the character is supposed to be doing. Once I understand the situation the character is in, and I hear “action”, it’s no more me, I just portray the character. J: How do you prepare to get into character? T: I just work on getting my lines as much as possible and I also work with the director to make it possible. There are a million ways to interpret a scene. I am of the opinion that when you practice and prepare too much, sometimes, it may turn out robotic. J: Let’s talk about Sugar.  We definitely loved your role in Sugar T: Yaay! J: It sure was a breakthrough role for you.  You also played Shalewa’s love interest in “Skinny girl in transit”. T: Yes yes yes!!! J: How was that for you? T: I mean Sugar has been phenomenal, I’m not gonna lie, it has definitely changed my career,  I feel like, its grace, and its God. I honestly don’t take it for granted. Sugar happened, Skinny girl in transit happened, Fifty also happened, shout out to Ebony live. It’s been really amazing One thing I have noticed about my career is that “there is no small role, no big role” people watch stuff I have done on Iroko, as well as my cinema movie. Quite a large number of people watched my first cinema movie “Ajuwaya” J: Ajuwaya was your first cinema movie? T: Ajuwaya was the first cinema movie I was featured in as a lead character. Yea but  “Elevator Baby” is coming out soon and that’s going to be “Timini” like you’ve never seen before J: Ghen ghen!!! We are so looking forward to that. T: Yes. You should look forward to it, it should be out October 11. J: We sure will. On the topic of roles/characters, what role would you say has challenged you the most? T: I would say my role in Elevator baby. It challenged me because I was working with Toyin Abraham and she is so phenomenal as an actress. J: Totally! She gets into her role so effortlessly. T: Hei God!!! She is so natural. On the other side, my role in Sugar also challenged me because of the pressure and important message the character communicates. It is such a big and important message. It’s also going worldwide so there is the pressure to deliver and make sure I get it right. J: Besides acting what other major projects are looking forward to this year?  T: I’m producing my first film. J: Oh cool. T: Thank you. I will be venturing into directing as well. I also have a whole lot of other businesses I do on the side that I am now just going to start talking about. I’m an interior designer J: Oh really? T: Yes, I have done a lot of projects but due to timing, I couldn’t dedicate enough time to allow it grow. I am just able to find the time now to allow it to grow as a business on its own. J: Tell us one thing most people don’t know about you T: To be fair, my life is like an open book, but… I think a lot of people have no idea that I don’t know how to swim and I am afraid of heights. J: Let’s talk style. In your own opinion, describe your style? T: My style is very natural, comfortable, and off trend. I don’t exactly follow what’s trending, I just wear what’s comfortable and I know what fits me. J: Are you self-styled or you have a stylist? T: Most of the time, I’m self-styled J: Ah Ah! That means you can also call yourself a stylist T: Yes ooo!!! Stylist *laughs* J: What’s your grooming routine like? T: Basically just get a haircut. Every week you need to get that hairline sharp, regardless of whatever it is, moisturize properly, the occasional facials. It’s important as men to pamper yourself and I also try to stay out of the sun, nothing else. J: Okay…have you ever felt overdressed for an occasion? T: No. Not really, everybody really dresses up these days, and I am never the guy doing the most. J: Have you ever felt underdressed? T: Yes. A lot of times, you go for a random event and you just see that everybody came giving them 2000/100 and you’re just looking extremely simple. J: Your most embarrassing fashion moment T: My most embarrassing fashion moment would have to be…I don’t think I have really had any, maybe it’s because my confidence is a 100.  Regardless of the situation, I feel like I would still find a way to own it and make it mine. J: As an eligible bachelor, what’s your pick up line? T: I don’t do pickup lines, they are the ones that always tell me the lines *Laughs* I am not trying to pick up anybody, they always try to pick me up J: Okay, what’s your idea of a perfect date? T: My idea of a perfect date is for my date to feel comfortable. A lot of people go to fancy places when they want to go on dates and I am kinda against that because everything seems stuck up and the person gives you a rehearsed version of themselves, I prefer a comfortable scenario for both parties so everyone is themselves.   J: So you get to choose; night out or NetFlix? T: Night out O! I’m a party boy J: Coke or Pepsi? T: Schweppes J: Jollof rice or small chops? T: Jollof rice J: Holiday or shopping spree? T: Shopping spree J: Single or Booed up? T: Very single J: Tshirts or Polos T: Tshirts J: Suits or Native wears? T: Native wears J: 5 must-have style staple a guy should have in his closet? T: Good cologne, a really nice white shirt, black jeans, white trad, and ermmmerrrmmm…what else?  J: That’s okay we will let you off. Last question, your favorite native proverb and tell us what it means. T: Ahhhhh. Okay, “O ke le be bi po” J: What does that mean? T: It means “give yourself brain” *laughs* J: *Laughs* Okay, thank you Timini. Elevator baby will be out in cinemas nationwide from October 11th. 1: Puma Buzz Waist Bag-₦10,150 2: Puma Buzz Backpack-₦20,350 3: Puma Portable Cross Bag-₦21,800 4: Ferrari Backpack- ₦44, 100 5: VR Combat Backpack- ₦31,650 6: Puma Buzz Portable- ₦10, 150 7: Lacoste Embossed Leather- ₦211,600 Seyi Shay’s Interview with Thmixx          

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